How to create a new content hosting


Hosting also known as web hosting service is a service hosting one or more websites on a server with a static IP Internet connection

Each website has a part of private storage space on the server which has been installed services for website as apache, iis, mysql, MSSQL Server, php, .net framework …

Hosting is divided into many types: Linux Hosting, Windows Hosting, File Hosting, Email Hosting…

+ Linux Hosting: is the hosting which is run on servers using the Linux operating system.

+ Windows Hosting: is the hosting which is run on the server using the Windows operating system.

The parameters of a web hosting services include:

+ Hosting disk space: is total storage capacity limited for all data of website which is calculated by MB or GB.

+ Hosting bandwidth: is the total traffic for website calculated by GB or MB

+ Hosting private domains (addon domains): is the number of domain which is run separately on hosting.

+ Hosting management software (Hosting Control): often used as Cpanel, DirectAdmin, Plesk… is a software to manage files, mysql, email … for website.

+ Armor Domains / park domain / domain pointer: the number of domains which is allowed running a same website.

+ Each hosting package services also has the number of separate Email, FTP, MySQL, MSSQL … account

+ Plus service for hosting: is the additional parameter for the above parameters of hosting

Now, we can answer the question what Hosting is and we can see what hosting is on plus.

How to establish pack information

Basically, the above setting is not too difficult to understand it. However, if you still do not understand, I suggest that you should select the following settings to run website smoothly without fixing too many bug.

Web Template


You should choose default for this part if you use these packages with personal scope. If you want to sell hosting packages to others, you should choose hosting to avoid they use too much resources from your server.

If you have little knowledge of webserver, I recommend you should choose phpcgi. And phpfcgid is best choice for you if your server has more than 1GB of RAM.

Proxy Template

If you choose hosting on Web Template section, you should select default for this section. You should avoid choosing caching because we cannot control when allowing NGINX automatically saving the cache of the whole page. And if the user do not access SSH and has sudo right, they cannot delete the cache when needed. When setting default, it already contains cache saving setting for static content such as images, CSS, JavaScript, fonts… and it have been very good.

However, if you run a PHP source code written by yourself without creating and cache control function, you should select caching set up. Because Nginx will clean cache each15 minutes.

You should not choose Php-fpm because you already have Apache as backend. But you can use this one if you select Nginx + PHP-FPM in installing step.

SSH Access

For the vast majority of users, you do not need to let them into SSH. You should choose the bash if you create another user for yourself or for professional users.


Except in the domain’s DNS we use ns-child, you should select default for other users. If the user uses Gmail for template, they will not be able to use VestaCP email.

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