Selecting domain name consultancy


Domain name is the first thing you have to think about when you decide to build a website. As well as a business or brand name, choosing a domain name in line with business objectives is one of the key factors to the success of the website.

To have a good domain name, you need to comply the following rules:

  1. Easy to remember and concise

You can easily remember the name as,,,, The domain name brings a special meaning. If it has a tonal pronunciation and it is easy to read, to listen,  it will be remembered easily. Speaking out loud many times the domain you wish to register. If they are difficult to pronounce, hard to remember, confusing, choose another domain. The funny domain name is also easy to remember. In the internet of the world, the major purpose of a domain name that it’s always in the customers mind.

  1. Obvious.

A good domain name must not be similar to or confusing with the available domains. If the available domain is a registered trademark, you may be in trouble  of using the similar one. One thing you have to notice is that your domain should be easy to read when you must read the domain name to someone over the phone. You should not use the sign (-) in your domain name (unless required), because it is confusing when you read and type the domain name of this type. You should also notice that the domain name is also the name of your business email.

  1. Hard to misspell.

Long and complex domain names will be more likely misspelled. If your business’s domain is long or complicated, you can lose your customers.

  1. Related to your company’s name or field of business.

This seems to be obvious and evident but not easy to do. If you cannot find an similar domain to your business name, do not give up. Try to find a name which shows the function, the main task or describes the uniqueness of your business. You can also meditate the possibility of using the domain name ended with some tails as .bizor .i-n-f-o if you cannot find a name with .com, .net., ORG tail.

  1. Based on target customers.

With a lot of the domain tails, internet users are accustomed with .com, .net, .org. If you focus on customers all around the world, some tails like will be helpful for you. If you want to concentrate your business in one country, tails like .c-o-m, .V-N, .U-K, .D-E are the best choices.

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