What is “host”? Which host can we use WordPress?


Certainly, to install a website using the automatically hosted WordPress source, you must also have a host in order to store your data beside the domain name. In this article, I will introduce the concept of host to the beginner and then you can purchase a host under my guide in the next article.

What is “Host”?

Host which is understood in the field of the website technology industry means a computer which can be accessed two-way (receive and send connections).  The computer that I mentioned is a web server. It can contain the data related to the website which include source code, uploaded data (images, media, …) and the database (the database – the data generated in the process of using WordPress like posted content, page, tag, …).

Which host can we run a WordPress website?

To run a WordPress website, your host must meet some following requirements:

  • Use Linux operating system.
  • Be installed PHP version 5.3 or higher.
  • Be install MySQL version 5 or higher.

Those are the minimum requirements. However,  if you want to run a good WordPress website without error, it needs a lot of others conditions, but I will not list here to avoid you wasting your time to find out. Because if you buy a host provided by suppliers I suggest, it is certain that your WordPress website will run very well.


Where should we buy a good host to run a WordPress?

Before posting the guidline how to buy a good host, I would like to list some international hosting providers (including Asia) and I’m sure that your WordPress website will run well with high speed and good security configuration.


Host providers have server in Asia

– Site5 – support to server in Hong Kong and Singapore to get the fastest access from Vietnam.

Host providers have server in the US

– StableHost (recommended for beginners) – This is a cheap hosting provider but it has extremely good quality. It is suitable for beginners and in the next articles I will guide you based on this supplier.

– A2Hosting – Despite of the much higher prices than StableHost, you’ll get the best quality hosting service for the amount of money you paid. High speed is the strongest point of this provider.

– InmotionHosting – This provider is well known for applying new technologies for customers, good support service, and high speed.

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