What is the Hosts file? Uses and how to edit Hosts file


From the home network to block Facebook so the vast majority of people who use computers know to file hosts in the computer. Phrases that are looking pretty much the host file is that facebook (written properly as hosts but users or engine is the host should occur this confusion). So have you ever wondered: what is the hosts File, use the file hosts or editing the hosts file?. 

In the morning news today, I will go to the essential key points about the questions unfinished. Knowledge is not new but useful supplements for which your understanding on a more intensive and diverse.
In the computer there are many mysterious files need to explore. In which file hosts probably reach and manipulate the most, by its function, and above all that anyone can understand what it is after a few times watching the article and edit it. Myself also regularly work with it more or less has little experience to share for you. We go into the first problem, which is the concept of the file hosts.

What is the Hosts file?
In the Windows operating system, Linux, Mac, File Hosts stored IP information of the servers and domains at each computer. Understand that simply you can navigate to any other IP domain or blocking access. the local ip address is More sites on this then the automatically blocked.
The example above used other Ip ho redirection.
Default content in the file hosts are just hints, annotations. You can add unlimited new Ip, domain name service for your purposes. First, you must know the feldspars of the file hosts is like would have.

The use of the file hosts

Redirect Website

Open the hosts file as instructed above, and add at the end with the content
It is website that when typing up your browser will be pointing through the other ip. This way is extremely useful, as you often see people sharing the file hosts on facebook.


In addition, this is also a way for you to test (test) site before pointing it on domain name.Themselves well or perform this method and I enjoyed

Block any Website

Still the same way as above but here is always IP because it is the local ip. Every site gets this ip assignment could not be reached. For example you want to block black web to not for children under 18 years of age to access it to see you add at the end of the host file content lines. Accidental net which you see air in that place must go to those hundreds of black webs

Quick access to any Web page 1

For example, instead of typing panmemaz.com, you only need to type n and press Enter is already on the Blog.

Assign the local domain name

If there are 1 Server internally, you can quick access the router’s configuration page by adding the file hosts: router. In that is the ip address the router configuration. This way, you do not need to do so much.
Run the Web Server

If you are managing multiple Web sites on the same host or vps, you can test the web server by adding the file hosts.  If the domain access 2 off 2 different pages, the web server has been successfully configured. (This is also not very popular with ordinary users should you keep despite that forget about it).

When taking the file hosts, depending on the cases that you choose above. The problem arises: how to edit the hosts file
How to edit Hosts file

On the Windows operating system, the hosts file is stored in the directory location: C:\WIN

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